About Us

C-Antique was first born in Singapore for promoting Indonesia’s beautiful crafts to the world.

Not long after that, Asibune was also born as a sub brand along with siTole-siGenduk, focusing more into products for parenting and childhood.

C-Antique , read as Cantik (pronounced as chun-teak) , means beautiful in our mother tongue Bahasa Indonesia.

Asibune (pronounced as aah-see-boo-nay) is a twist of Indonesian cum Javanese (an Indonesian dialect) words which means mother’s milk – Air Susu Ibune . Therefore our products carrying this brand are particularly focused on attachment parenting and baby wearing.

siTole-siGenduk (pronounced as see-tall-ay – see-gen-dhook) is also a twist of Javanese, which literally means the little boy – the little girl, this is why the brand is used for our products for babies and kiddos.



Apart from our in-house brands Asibune and siTole-siGenduk, we are also appointed agent for:





In February 2010 we are appointed as SIngapore's sole distributor for:

NAKOCHI Headwear


Our business is registered as C-ANTIQUE CRAFTS in Singapore under Business Registration No. 53117112D.